Friday, September 26, 2008

Raw Food Works, compiled and edited by Diana Store

The work which has been in progress for the last two years is a collaboration between a number of leading raw food teachers and is unique because for the first time, there is a book which represents a consensus amongst a majority of teachers about what is the most effective approach to a raw food and indeed any diet.
The authors include Gabriel Cousens, Brian Clement, Victoria Boutenko, Viktoras Kulvinskas and Karen Knowler. Each have contributed to this 270 page volume of what actually WORKS regarding a healthy approach to diet and nutrition.
This is NOT a random collection of articles or a lot of the same information you will find in other raw food books. The information in RAW FOOD WORKS is comprehensive for newcomers as well as a must read for people who have been into this for years.
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juliana andrada said...

Hoi Annet,
ik ben juliana, ik ben brazilians maar wont nu ( nog) in nederland. ik ben een " raw food sthousiast" en ben heel blij dat ik jou blog heb gevonden, leuk om te weten wat in nederland gebeurd over voeding.
Dank je wel!